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The uniquely fine qualities of a Yixing teapot that has made it much sought after lies in the chemical composition and attributes of Zishay clay used in making them.   Zisha Clay , which comes from Zi meaning purple and Sha, meaning sand,  is not just ordinary sandy clay and it is not actually purple in colour.  This clay , also referred to as 5-color clay, is a unique mixture of clay, quartz and mica with a high iron content..   It has an absorption rate of 4%, making it porous and permeable and has made it most ideal for making the Yixing teapot. This permeability is what makes Yixing Zisha teapot the best for steeping tea.
Yixing Clay Teapot’s Colour
The above is meant to just be a guide.  Actual colours of Yixing clay  may vary slightly from the example shown here.

  • Yixing clay (zisha clay or purple sand)  previously  called “five color mud” in China.  The number five is figurative as there are actually many other colors of Yixing clay.
  • Even experienced and skilled teapot artisans devote much skill and care when working with the right clay as it involves a meticulous process.

I. Yi Xing Teapots Characteristics

II. How to Identify an Authentic Yixing Teapot

III. How to Choose a Yixing Teapot

IV. Styles of Yixing tea pot that best suits your personal style and needs

V. Four levels of price for Yixing teapots

VI.Seasoning the yixing teapot

VII. Steps to prepare your new Zisha Yixing Pot

VIII. Yixing clay teapot’s color

IX. Yixing Teapots : Facts you should know




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