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Pricing levels For Yixing TeapotsThere are four levels of pricing for Yixing teapots which depend on the reputation of the maker, the complexity of  the design, the type of clay and its color and whether the surface was polished or not

1.  Majority of Yixing teapots that are produced are the basic designs which sell from between $10-15 commercially in China.

2. Standard teapot designs also constitute a majority of Yixing teapot productions but these are somewhat more detailed and intricate than the basic ones and usually sell for  between $35-60 in China.

3. Collector teapots made by reputable artisans that have either the traditional or more modern styles could fetch between $150-800.

4. Antique Yixing teapots can cost anywhere between $3,000 – $100,000, maybe even more.

I. Yi Xing Teapots Characteristics

II. How to Identify an Authentic Yixing Teapot

III. How to Choose a Yixing Teapot

IV. Styles of Yixing tea pot that best suits your personal style and needs

V. Four levels of price for Yixing teapots

VI.Seasoning the yixing teapot

VII. Steps to prepare your new Zisha Yixing Pot

VIII. Yixing clay teapot’s color

IX. Yixing Teapots : Facts you should know



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