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Yixing teapot styles 1. Round Style Teapot
Considered by many to be feminine in style.  Its open design is best with teas that are packed tightly such as oolong teas like Monkey Picked. Its roomy body allows the leaves to open in full.

Yixing teapot styles

2. Square Style Tea Pot

This is considered a masculine style which is quite hard to make   If the assembly is not properly done,  the whole square design can be ruined during the firing process. This teapot’s walls are usually  thicker and that makes it ideal for teas that need strong oxidation and very hot water temperature to achieve its full flavour from infusion.

Square Style Tea Pot

3. Ribbed Tea Pot

This design is  is  very difficult  although its shape is similar to a round teapot.  Only a very skilled artisan can make a ribbed teapot that would have a lid, body and spout in perfect proportions.

Ribbed Tea Pot

4. Nature and Mythology Motifs

To novice tea lovers,  these tea pots would be attractive as they are quite lovely to look at because of the designs using mythological figures.  One need not be a tea connoisseur to appreciate the beauty of their designs.

Nature and Mythology Motifs

5. Tea Ware Imitations

It has become a popular practice for Zisha potters to replicate historically famous tea sets built from other kinds of materials.  These tea sets are generally for display

Tea Ware Imitations


I. Yi Xing Teapots Characteristics

II. How to Identify an Authentic Yixing Teapot

III. How to Choose a Yixing Teapot

IV. Styles of Yixing tea pot that best suits your personal style and needs

V. Four levels of price for Yixing teapots

VI.Seasoning the yixing teapot

VII. Steps to prepare your new Zisha Yixing Pot

VIII. Yixing clay teapot’s color

IX. Yixing Teapots : Facts you should know

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