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Gong fu tea ceremony, also called as Cha dao tea ceremony,  is  a way of life in Fujian,  China, particularly ZangZhou and Quanzhou.  Gong Fu, also spelt as Kong Fu, means  talented in making tea.   The term Gong Fu Cha Dao, therefore, means being talented in the ways of tea. It is also referred to as  a Fujian tea ceremony wherein the tea plays the lead and is the one put on show, quite unlike Japanese or Korean tea ceremonies. The ceremony’s procedures are made to bring out the finest flavour of tea

I.          Gong fu Cha ceremony

II.         History of Gong-fu Cha

III.        Equipment used in Gong-fu Cha

IV.       4  essential elements of Gong-fu Cha Ceremony

V.        Quality Of The Tea: Which tea using for the Gong Fu Cha ?

VI.       Procedure of Gong-fu Cha



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