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By tradition, oolong tea or sometimes  black tea can be used for a Gong fu cha ceremony.   Firstly, dry  leaves that were used for brewing are put in the tea bowl or box and given to every guest  so that they may appreciate the tea’s aroma and  the quality of its appearance.

A. Quality of Tea Leaves Based on Type
Quality of Tea Leaves Based on Type
B.        How Much Tea To Use

Sizes of Teapot  Depending on Number of People To Be Served

How Much Tea To Use
Tea Type Based on Tea Leaf Size

Tea Type Based on Tea Leaf Size
C.        #  of Tea-Scoops  (Chinese standards) To Be Used Based on Size of Tea Leaves and Teapot

*1 Chinese tea scoop is equal to 1 standard tablespoon*
#  of Tea-Scoops

D.        Water Temperature

Water Temperature
Oolong teas require the correct temperature which is between these two.  You can let water stand for about 2 minutes after a first boil to get 75 to 80 C / 167 to 176 F if a thermometer is not available.   You can also let it stand for  5 minutes for 90 – 97C C / 194 – 206 F.

I.          Gong fu Cha ceremony

II.         History of Gong-fu Cha

III.        Equipment used in Gong-fu Cha

IV.       4  essential elements of Gong-fu Cha Ceremony

V.        Quality Of The Tea: Which tea using for the Gong Fu Cha ?

VI.       Procedure of Gong-fu Cha

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