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Gong fu tea equipment basically include the following:

a)         small cups,

b)         a  bowl with lid called gai wan

c)         ‘gong dao bei’  which is a small jug and a set will include about 4-12 cups

d)         a shallow bowl called  ‘Cha He’ which has an open spout  or a neck.   The Cha
He is used to show the dried leaves to visitors before drinking the tea.   Its neck
is designed to help easily add the loose tea leaves into the bowl.

e)         Small wooden tray or ceramic to put the tea cups for visitors

f)          Smelling cups are tall with a small hole and  as implied by its name, is used  to
help the guests appreciate the tea’s full aroma while at the same time appreciate
the color of the tea.
Tea Equipment

I.          Gong fu Cha ceremony

II.         History of Gong-fu Cha

III.        Equipment used in Gong-fu Cha

IV.       4  essential elements of Gong-fu Cha Ceremony

V.        Quality Of The Tea: Which tea using for the Gong Fu Cha ?

VI.       Procedure of Gong-fu Cha

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