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I.          Gong fu Cha ceremonyAuthentic Gongfu-Cha Ceremony

There is a special way of preparing Oolong tea called Gong Fu Cha that came all the way from China.   One can also use Gong fu cha for black tea but isn’t recommended for green tea – Read More…

II.         History of Gong-fu Cha

Gong fu tea ceremony, also called as Cha dao tea ceremony,  is  a way of life in Fujian,  China, particularly ZangZhou and Quanzhou.  Gong Fu, also spelt as Kong Fu, means  talented in making tea. – Read More…

III.        Equipment used in Gong-fu Cha

Gong fu tea equipment basically include the following:

a)         small cups,

b)         a  bowl with lid called gai wan – Read More…

IV.       4  essential elements of Gong-fu Cha Ceremony

Ideally,  teapots required in Gong-fu Cha are made from unglazed Yixing clay which is reputed to produce  tea pots that have the ability to improve the tea’s taste, quality  and scent.

Yixing clay is known to cause mixing of the  flavours from previously brewed tea into any tea brewed  in the pot thereafter  because the clay has holes that retain tea oils. – Read More…

V.        Quality Of The Tea: Which tea using for the Gong Fu Cha ?

By tradition, oolong tea or sometimes  black tea can be used for a Gong fu cha ceremony.   Firstly, dry  leaves that were used for brewing are put in the tea bowl or box and given to every guest  so that they may appreciate the tea’s aroma and the quality of its appearance. – Read More…

VI.       Procedure of Gong-fu Cha

Gong-fu Cha ceremony will need a big enough space to  accommodate a table suitable to hold the number of utensils required.  The allotted space should also be peaceful and calming and this kind of ambiance is created with incense, flowers , music  and even songbirds. – Read More…

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