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Room Preparation for tea ceremony

Cleanliness before the Tea Ceremony

  • The Chashitsu must be cleaned. Sweeping is done and wiping of  the Tatami floor mats.
  • The Roji garden and the stepping stone path leading from the Koshikake-Machiai to the Chashitsu is also cleaned and swept.
  • Evergreen trees, bushes and plants are cut and trimmed to be at their best.
  • Weed and fallen leaves are removed from the garden although some are  left the way they are or thrown away.

Cleaning of Utensils During the Tea Ceremony

  • During Chakai  (tea ceremony), some tea utensils are cleaned following a set ritual.  Utensils such as the Natsume and Chashaku are cleaned in front of the guests before they are used.
  • The Natsume and Chashaku are wiped with the Fukusa which the host always carries around while performing the tea ceremony. Wiping is carefully done and with close attention to the movements.
  • While the utensils are actually clean when they are brought into the tearoom, cleaning them in front of the guests is meant to show that great care and hygiene was taken before they are used.

I.       The Japanese Tea Ceremony

II.     History of the Japanese Tea Ceremony

III.    Types of the Japanese Tea Ceremony

IV.    Preparing tea

V.      Equipment used during a tea ceremony (temae)

VI.    Tea Ceremony Equipment for Guests

VII.   Rank of Tea Ceremony Utensils

VIII. Room Preparation for tea ceremony

IX.    Chashitsu Tea Rooms

X.     Etiquette for Guests


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