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Etiquette for Guests

  • The standard number of guests for a small meeting is between 4-5
  • Shokyaku means guest of honor or the first guest while the the second guest is called a Jikyaku  and  Kyaku are all other remaining guests.
  • The Tsume, or  last guest have a special rank and designated seating  in the Chashitsu  (tearoom)
  • Because of  their seating order or ranking , they have  duties to perform during the tea ceremony. For example, the Shokyaku, or the guest of honor , is the primary person to communicate with the Teishu.
  • The Shokyaku  asks the Teishu where certain tea utensils originated, where they were made and by whom.
  • When  asking questions, the Shokyaku has to use polite language and speak clearly.  He must  consider the correct timing of his questions so that the tea-host is not unduly troubled  and always thanks the Teishu for his replies to the questions.

A.   Receiving and eating Wagashi

These sweets are to be  eaten only after the Teishu has already warmed the Chawan with hot water from the Kama and has disposed of the waste water.

B.   Drinking Koicha

  • Get the tea bowl or chawan
  • Bow
  • Prepare to drink the tea
  • Clean the rim

C.   Usucha

The Shokyaku asks  the other guests whether they had enough or  if they want more green tea.

If the guests don’t want any more tea, the Shokyaku will then request the Teishu to fix and clean up the equipment and end the ceremony.

I.       The Japanese Tea Ceremony

II.     History of the Japanese Tea Ceremony

III.    Types of the Japanese Tea Ceremony

IV.    Preparing tea

V.      Equipment used during a tea ceremony (temae)

VI.    Tea Ceremony Equipment for Guests

VII.   Rank of Tea Ceremony Utensils

VIII. Room Preparation for tea ceremony

IX.    Chashitsu Tea Rooms

X.     Etiquette for Guests

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