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I.          IntroductionTeas of India

India produces the largest quantity of  tea in the world, together with China and Sri Lanka.   It also produces tea which many connoisseurs  consider to be the best tea in the whole world. –Read More…

II.        Kinds of Tea Produced in India

India’s geographical conditions result in varying climates and the tea produced under these varying climates are also vastly different. –Read More…

III.      Types of Tea

A.        Black Tea

•          English Breakfast Superior

•          Darjeeling Tea

•          Ceylon Pekoe

B.        Classic Tea

•          English Breakfast Superior –

IV.       History and Origins of Indian Tea

1.Historically, the cultivation and brewing of  Indian tea  is used in  traditional
medicinal practices and also as a pleasurable drink.

2. The earliest documented use of tea in India was in the Ramayana (750-500 BC) but
for the succeeding years,  all records documenting tea practices in India has been
lost. –Read More…

V.         Harvesting of Indian Tea

1 .First flush is harvested in the middle of March.  The tea produced is gently flavored,
very lightly colored,  mild in aroma and acidity.

2. “In between”  harvest occurs between the two “flush” periods. –Read More…

VI.       5 Places to Visit India Tea Plantations

  •  Darjeeling is  India’s most well-known hill station and has numerous tea plantations  producing high quality,  lightly- coloured, and floral scented tea. An estimated  25% of India’s overall tea production originates here. –Read More…

VII.     Chai Tea

Apart from  the many kinds of tea in India, they also have a unique way of making the tea called chai. There are a lot of  recipes to make chai  but the standard  ingredients include  black tea, milk, sugar, and spices. –Read More…


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