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1 .First flush is harvested in the middle of March.  The tea produced is gently flavored, Harvesting of Indian Tea
very lightly colored,  mild in aroma and acidity.

2. “In between”  harvest occurs between the two “flush” periods.

3. Second flush  harvest happens in June .  The tea produced is amber in color, full
bodied, and tastes of muscatel.

4. Monsoon or rain tea is harvested  during the rainy season, between the second flush
and autum flush.  The tea is dried less, thereby it is more oxidized and sold  at
cheaper prices.  This tea is not of export quality and is generally used in masala chai.

5. Autumnal harvest  happens in autumn after the monsoon season.  It is less delicately
flavored and has less hints of spice but  darkly-colored and fuller in body .

I.       Introduction
II.       Kinds of Tea Produced in India
III.     Types of Tea
IV.     History and Origins of Indian Tea
V.      Harvesting of Indian Tea
VI.     5 Places to Visit India Tea Plantations
VII.    Chai Tea

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