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  • Taiwan has the world’s best Wu-long tea.  Its geographical location and climate are the main reasons why it has Growing Wu Long (wu-long) Teabecome a unique source of Wu-long tea.
  • Taiwan’s Wu-long tea is cultivated in mountainous regions adjacent to the Tropic of Cancer.  Its sub-tropical climate coupled with high elevation makes it ideal for Wu-long tea cultivation.
  • Taiwan has been producing Wu Long tea for more than 150 years and it was their primary export until the 1980s when they diverted their production to  the local domestic market.  Today, Taiwan Wu-long tea production is concentrated on supplying exclusively the high demand from local tea drinkers.
  • Wu Long,  Taiwan’s most popular tea,  was named after the manner in which the leaves were processed after picking.  There are actually many types of Wu-long tea and eachone  is unique in flavor.

I.       History of  Taiwanese Tea

II.      The Oolong Tea-Growing Regions of Taiwan

III.     Growing Wu Long  ( wu long ) Tea in Taiwan

IV.     Taiwan Tea Varietals

V.      Varieties of Tea

VI.     Tea Processing

VII.    How to Make Oolong ( Wu Long ) Tea

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